International competition of short films

Version française

You want to register your short film to try to enter the competition and win one of the prizes awarded by the jury ?

Register before Sunday, Febuary 4, 2021.

Only the short films in French language subtitled in English (or in English subtitled in French) will be taken into consideration.

Concerning short films in foreign languages with English subtitles, double subtitling English-French is mandatory to be selected for the competition.


1st article :

The competition of short films is open to any person ( amateur or professional ) having produced a short film with the following subjects : fantastic, science-fiction, horror, supernatural, weird, esoteric… The short films will be selected to be broadcasted in an official competition.

  • A jury of professional examiners will give 4 Prizes : : Prize of the best special effects, Prize of the best script, Big Prize of the best cartoon short film.
  • A special distinction : the Jury’s favourite can be given if it is decided to give.
  • A Youth Jury, composed of people 16-25 years old, awards the Prize of Youth Jury.
  • The Public gives the Prize of the Public.


2nd article : Only the short films lasting under 20 minutes can be proposed. They must be given to the Bloody Zone Association before Febuary 4th 2018 for a broadcasting at the Bloody Weekend in 2018. The realizations must be sent in an mp4 format.

  • The French-speaking short films will have to be English subtitled.
  • The English-speaking short films will have to be French subtitled.
  • The non French-speaking and non English-speaking short films will have to be presented with both French and English subtitles.
  • The subtitles are compulsory so that the jury should be able to view them.
  • Without any subtitles, the short film will not be selected to take part in the competition.


3rd article :

No money in return can be asked the organisers for the broadcasting of the short film. In case of selection and broadcasting at the Bloody Weekend, the Bloody Zone association gives a free access to the whole festival for 2 persons. No undertaking to pay travelling, accomodation and food costs for the directors, producers, actors or any person having participated to the short film and wishing to attend the projection will be possible.


4st article :

The person proposing the work to the Bloody Zone association assures to be one of the legal representatives. Each work proposed for a broadcasting at the Bloody Weekend must be given with the broadcasting authorization.


5st article :

The work proposed as part of the festival must be a work of fiction. Any work proposing a xenophobe, homophobe, pedophile speech or putting the contributers in a real danger will be refused. The association reserves the right not to broadcast the short film until the last moment.


6st article : The Bloody Zone association can make screen captures or take some parts of the work with a view of promoting the Bloody Weekend.


To send your movie, you can use the online service to send large files WeTransfer WeTransfer. Address :