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Succeeding Philippe Nahon in 2010, Dominique Pinon in 2011, Silvia Collatina in 2012, Caroline Munro in 2013, René Manzor in 2014, Brian Yuzna in 2015, Jack sholder in 2016, Sergio Martino in 2017, the President of the Jury of the 9th edition of the International Fantastic Film Festival is …


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Born in Brooklyn, Jeff Lieberman graduates from the School of Visual Arts in New York and co-writes, in 1973, the thriller Blade, with Ernest Pintoff (Hawaii Five-O).

In the wake of Jaws’ huge success in 1975, numerous movies featuring killer animals hit the big screens; from the giant rats in The Food of the Gods to the spiders in Kingdom of the Spiders, throwing bees in the mix with The Savage Bees. Lieberman then remembers that, as a kid, his brother taught him how to attract earthworms using a simple electrical impulse. Stemming from this distant memory, the scenario of Squirm is born in 1976, his first feature film produced in just a little more than 20 days in Port Wenworth, Georgia, in which thousands of carnivorous worms invade a small quiet town after they’ve been attracted to the surface by the unfortunate fall of high-voltage lines. This likeable B movie profits from the presence of multiple Oscar winner Rick Baker on make-up and 250 000 real invertebrates actually getting led towards the film set to achieve the unforgettable attack scenes.

On the same year, he directs Blue Sunshine, about a fictional LSD drug, which drives users to commit murders decades after consuming the dangerous chemical.

It is followed by the slasher movie Just Before Dawn, the natural scenery of Oregon giving a realistic setting to this story of hikers hunted by a crazed killer, in which Gregg Henry (Body Double) and George Kennedy (The Dirty Dozen) are exchanging lines.

The New Yorker then decides to diversify his projects. Co-director with Marvin J. Chomsky (Holocauste) on the TV movie Doctor Franken (in which a surgeon played by Robert “Bullitt” Vaughn regenerates an unidentified body using parts from different corpses), he’s alternating this with documentaries (But… Seriously?, Sonny Liston: The Mysterious Life and Death of a Champion), screenwriting (The NeverEnding Story III) and producing (Clark Gable : Tall, Dark and Handsome), while also trying out horror comedy with Remote Control, in which Kevin “The Blob” Dillon tries to stop an alien with an unlikely goal: taking over earth with a video tape!

His most recent feature film, Satan’s Little Helper, comes out in 2004, in which Amanda Plummer (Pulp Fiction) embodies a young student whose little brother thinks he’s meeting the devil on Halloween – who is in reality a mute and costumed serial killer.

Lately, Jeff Lieberman made its mark with the TV serie ‘Til Death Do Us Part, each episode, on the theme of marriage, ending with one of the spouses’ death.

Text : Matthieu REHDE
Translation : Marianne LACHANCE